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How I Developed a Healthy Mindset, Focusing on Nutrition

On every journey there will be setbacks, and my road to wellness has been no exception. Four years ago, a twenty six year old me stared at these Beachbody DVD’s that had come in the mail for Kristin after our first son was born. “Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs,” I read aloud as I thought about how ridiculous it sounded and how I would never be caught dead doing at-home-DVD-workouts. I saw these programs as an infomercial scam that had clearly found their way into our home. As I thought about how to best encourage Kristin with her post-pregnancy fitness, the reality of my own growing belly began to set in. Was it sympathy pounds from the pregnancy? No, just a lifetime of bad habits and a poor relationship with food. I had spent hundreds of dollars on gym memberships over the course of two years, and had tried multiple times to make running fun, but my health was deteriorating. As I took another glance over at the DVD’s, the second title reaffirmed my suspicions of a scam when I read, “Rockin’ Body” –Yup, this was not going to be the answer. As a couple months went by, one day I decided to challenge my own assumptions and give this hip hop dance workout a try; after all, maybe I would learn how to dance? Well, not only did I complete Hip Hop Abs (multiple times) I worked through much of Shaun T’s Rockin’ Body as well. “Who was this guy– Shaun T,” I thought to myself, “and how in the world did he get me to progress through two at home-workout programs? And did I actually just have fun doing them?!” By following the programs and eating healthy (what did that even mean), I lost nearly 40lbs over five months and felt like a new man. Beachbody had completely changed how I viewed at-home workouts and I saw these as the silver bullet for weight loss: My plan was to do intense cardio five days per week and eat “decently” by counting calories– and it was working!

Sustainable change would require me to learn more about nutrition, and develop the skills needed to handle the inevitable setbacks along the way.

Well, as time went on, I plateaued with my weight loss (as EVERYONE does). After an old knee injury flared up and kept me from jumping and lunging for a couple months, I lost my routine. I had felt triumph and success over the course of the five months by incorporating intense workouts which motivated me to eat well, but I never thought much about my nutrition or about setbacks. Fast forward seven more months, and I had gained most of the weight back and I felt awful. Continue reading

Hello, Fujifilm. (Why I switched from Sony to Fuji)

It’s been almost two years since I left the DSLR world and have never looked back. Switching to Sony mirrorless was a significant upgrade in my overall shooting experience, but there were always a few things that nagged at me, things that I didn’t love about Sony that just felt missing. After too much time on YouTube watching comparisons and reviews, I decided that the things I was missing could be found with Fujifilm

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Sky on fire at Lake Winnipeg

We had so much fun this summer as we drove across western Canada. Our first stop was Winnipeg for Kristin’s great aunt’s 100th birthday celebration! We were also very fortunate to stay at her uncle’s cottage at Lester Beach (Lake Winnipeg), Here’s some shots mostly from the Fuji X100T of the sunset. nothing beats Fuji colour!

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I Put Butter In My Coffee

What’s in your coffee?

Six months ago I stumbled across an unusual additive that has completely transformed coffee (and breakfast) for me: Grass-fed butter. Adding healthy fats to your morning coffee is an incredible way to give your brain a boost in the morning, satiate hunger and continue the fast you began overnight (maintaining most of the metabolic benefits of intermittent fasting). Over time my coffee has evolved and every morning I now start my day by adding in grass-fed butter and Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil. Don’t have any unsalted grass-fed butter or Bulletproof Brain Octane oil? Try adding XTC oil, MCT oil, or coconut oil! While they do not have the same nutrients as grass-fed butter or the extra dose of ketones in Brain Octane, they are an easy way to get started with adding fat to your coffee. You will be surprised by how much energy you have and how satisfying your coffee can become!

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