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Hello, Fujifilm. (Why I switched from Sony to Fuji)

It’s been almost two years since I left the DSLR world and have never looked back. Switching to Sony mirrorless was a significant upgrade in my overall shooting experience, but there were always a few things that nagged at me, things that I didn’t love about Sony that just felt missing. After too much time on YouTube watching comparisons and reviews, I decided that the things I was missing could be found with Fujifilm

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Sky on fire at Lake Winnipeg

We had so much fun this summer as we drove across western Canada. Our first stop was Winnipeg for Kristin’s great aunt’s 100th birthday celebration! We were also very fortunate to stay at her uncle’s cottage at Lester Beach (Lake Winnipeg), Here’s some shots mostly from the Fuji X100T of the sunset. nothing beats Fuji colour!

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