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Hello, Fujifilm. (Why I switched from Sony to Fuji)

It’s been almost two years since I left the DSLR world and have never looked back. Switching to Sony mirrorless was a significant upgrade in my overall shooting experience, but there were always a few things that nagged at me, things that I didn’t love about Sony that just felt missing. After too much time on YouTube watching comparisons and reviews, I decided that the things I was missing could be found with Fujifilm

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Hello Adobe

Well, the day I have wondered about for a long time has finally come: the day I migrate to Adobe Lightroom 5.


I must admit that since the release of Adobe Creative Cloud, the subscription based model for software has both intrigued me and kept me skeptical, but it was certainly the right time to shift my photo management and editing over to Adobe Lightroom 5. Here are a few things that helped me make my decision and some of the great resources that I’ve used to learn Lightroom 5.

1) you don’t have to subscribe to the entire Creative Cloud for $49.99/month. I went with Adobe’s Photography package which includes Lightroom and Photoshop CC for just $9.99/month!

2) Lightroom Mobile. Being able to access my Lightroom collections from my phone is beyond useful! It’s already come in handy as I have been able to sort through photos even if I just have 10-15 minutes free.

3) Photoshop. You get the full featured version of Photoshop as part of your $9.99/month – enough said.

4) The latest version. If you’re one who likes to upgrade when a new version of the software comes out, Creative Cloud makes sure you always have the latest up-to-date software and features.

5) Lightroom’s editing features are cutting edge! Very powerful radial filters, graduated filters, healing tool, and great brush control! It’s easier than ever for me to make sure my photos (and clients) look great!

6) Adobe has some great video tutorials to get started with Lightroom!

It has certainly been an adventure transitioning everything over to Lightroom, but I am excited about the rich pipeline of features and support Adobe has coming for photographers.

– Jeremy

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